Support the Brooklyn Bail Fund With CAPTURED

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In 2016, artists and activists Jeff Greenspan and Andrew Tider released the book Captured. Over the course of a year, Greenspan and Tider had commissioned incarcerated artists to paint or draw corporate leaders who should be in prison for committing similar crimes.

“Corporations frequently commit crimes any average person would be imprisoned for,” the pair writes in their artists’ statement. “These corporate crimes devastate our environment, economy and society, yet the companies committing them often get away with only paying a settlement. These payouts do little damage to a corporation’s bottom line and are practically baked into their budgets. The cost of doing business. Captured shines a light on these crimes masquerading as commerce.”

The initial print run of the book sold out within a week, and now, in light of the murder of George Floyd and subsequent arrests at protests in New York City, the team is donating all profits of softcover edition sales to the Brooklyn Bail Fund.

Here are a few pieces from the book. Pick up a copy here.