The Culture and Typography of Beer

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Beer has been a part of the culture of man for thousands of years dating back to ancient times when wheat and barely were fermented and used as nutritional beverages, the alcohol a seemingly pleasant side effect. As the world aged beer began to play a bigger part in the world’s culture, eventually becoming the staple of social culture it is today. Love it or hate it, beer is here to stay. With it’s long, rich history comes a fantastic repertoire of growth from it’s storage in ancient pots to the cool beer labels we see on craft brews lining specialty stores and some grocery stores today.

There is little doubt about the role that a good brew plays in our culture, from winding down from a hard day to a way to get the party started. But ales, lagers and IPAs are more than that; they are an expression of who we are and the rise of home-brewing and microbreweries is a testament to that. Along with some of the most interesting, and well crafted beers comes a love affair with design–a desire to set our brews apart and to make their labels just as unique as the beers inside the bottles. It’s clear that graphic design, typography, and beer have never been more closely linked than it is now as the era of craft brews takes off.

Below is an excerpt from Print Mag’s second year regarding the history and culture of beer, typography and it’s role in the 1940’s as a social excursion.



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