‘The New Exhibition’ Spotlights the Ukraine’s Most Exciting Creatives

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Are you looking to support Ukrainian talent? Online directory The New Exhibition has made it easier than ever to find exciting creators in the area. This new website features portfolios ranging all across the creative spectrum, including typography, graphic design, fashion, and much more.

And if you’re a Ukrainian artist looking for support, why not submit your portfolio? The New Exhibition will continue to expand, and is open to Ukrainian professionals who are either living in the area or have recently fled. You can find their contact information and check out their full roster of artists on their website.

Masha Foya

The New Exhibition is an online showcase shining a light on work of Ukrainian designers, illustrators, animators and other creatives that have been caught in the crossfire of war.

We can make a tangible difference in their lives. As art directors, designers and agencies working in Western Europe and the Americas, we can hire these remarkable people for commissions and projects. They need the work. They need to support their families.

And we need them. Their talent. Their passion. Their artistry.

Kyiv Type Foundry

The New Exhibition will continue to expand over time. We are constantly adding new work. Please visit often. And share with colleagues and friends.

Creativity defines us. A deep appreciation of art and craft bind us together. And it is together that we will navigate through these frightening times.

Anna Sarvira
Artem Krepkij
Jenya Polosina
Masha Dmitrova
Vasya Dmytryk
Veronika Moshnikova