ZhuanZhuan’s Lunar New Year Gifts Inspired By The Viking Spirit

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ZhuanZhuan is a marketplace that specializes in used items. The company traditionally gives specially designed and packaged gift boxes and items such as bobbleheads to employees during the holidays, which, of course, includes the Lunar New Year. The gifts ZhuanZhuan designs for staff and partners communicate the values and character of the brand. They typically make Lunar New Year gifts to convey a sense of gratitude on the firm’s behalf, as well as inspire a bright outlook and good fortune for the year ahead.

Sustainability was also a consideration, and the packaging for the gift had to be reusable. That's why ZhuanZhuan’s Spring Festival gifts come inside a backpack. Callbacks to the Year of the Ox get sprinkled throughout the project, including the red envelopes and the bobblehead packaging. Furthermore, ZhuanZhuan chose Vikings as another thematic element. The ancient warriors were selected for their reputation as fearless explorers and conquerors, braving uncertain seas with little more than beer, bread, and meat. Runes are used throughout the gift set and represent the resilience and drive of the ZhuanZhuan staff.

Included in the reusable bag are red envelopes, a Viking bobblehead, and an “energy pack” of beer and bread, the former in a red can and the latter in a crimson envelope. The ZhuanZhuan gift set is as on-theme as it's fun, with a chic nod towards the environment.