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If you’re in Los Angeles, you must see the work and legacy of director Stanley Kubrick at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on view until June 30, 2013. It is packed with posters, titles, cameras, and sketches by Saul Bass, along with snarky critical notes by Kubrick himself.

 Los Angeles County Museum of Art

From the museum:

The exhibition covers the breadth of Kubrick’s practice, beginning with his early photographs for Look magazine, taken in the 1940s, and continuing with his groundbreaking directorial achievements of the 1950s through the 1990s. His films are represented through a selection of annotated scripts, production photography, lenses and cameras, set models, costumes, and props. In addition, the exhibition explores Napoleon and The Aryan Papers, two projects that Kubrick never completed, as well as the technological advances developed and utilized by Kubrick and his team. By featuring this legendary film auteur and his oeuvre as the focus of his first retrospective in the context of an art museum, the exhibition reevaluates how we define the artist in the 21st century, and simultaneously expands upon LACMA’s commitment to exploring the intersection of art and film.

 Los Angeles County Museum of Art
 Los Angeles County Museum of Art

If you’re a a Kubrick fan, also don’t miss the new release of Kubrick’s rarely seen 1953 Fear and Desire; as war films go, this is situated somewhere between Paths of Glory and Full Metal Jacket.

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