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Aguinaldo (Aguìn) Perrone, Italian designer, illustrator artist and professor of history of illustration and advertising at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, has done IT again. “IT” being a new book that visually speaks to the history of early 20th century avant garde design while expressing his own distinct interpretation and style.

Over a year ago, he conceived and produced his own interpretation of Depero’s Bolted Book, this year his limited edition volume, Del Cartelionisimo continues to play with the language of Italian Futurist avant garde advertising, with a touch of Russian El Lissitzky’s “For The Voice” tabular conceit. The letterpress printed “artist/designer’s book” is a marvel of detail, patiently and carefully bound with tabs that refer to the graphic message and printed to lie flat when opened. Just look . . .

Barcolana page
Letter design
Printing machine
Printing on metal, product
Printing on metal
Book cover
The inside of the book
Stemp exemples
Paper with a stemp on it
The inside of the book
foreground index
Recoaro page
Superbianco page