There Will Never Be Another 2020 in Our Lifetime

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By: Steven Heller

. . . Or ever, for that matter. But on a lighter note. . .

May your vision be perfect

Poul Lange has been pondering the new decade:

“Everyone, who has been on Facebook for a while, has probably received one of those challenges: ‘Show one record cover that has been important to you every day for 2 weeks’, ‘Share a daily black/white photo you took for 10 days, no comments allowed,’ ‘Every day nominate a friend to do the same’. I’m not sure why, but these demands have always rubbed me the wrong way. Why just record covers? Why am I not allowed to comment? Why didn’t anybody nominate me?

“So sometimes I make my own little challenges, and the only person I nominate is myself. This change of decades prompted me to do that.

“Somehow this milestone seems awfully significant—not sure exactly why—maybe the cool sound of twenty-twenty, maybe the end of this century’s teenage years, maybe the looming political events of the coming year. Anyway, I decided to challenge myself to make a 2020 New Year’s card every day for a week.”

“For full disclosure I’ll have to admit that this was not only a challenge to my artistic discipline, it was also the last major procrastination trick of this decade: As one of the rules I set for myself, all the materials for the collages had to be found on my work table. You can imagine what a mess it was (photo enclosed), but the rule was easy to follow and gave me an extra week before my big clean-up.”

And I’ve decided in the spirit of a new beginning — and hope for a better tomorrow — to publish Lange’s output now that 2020 is well underway. It gives me a certain inexplicable joy to have his work on The Daily Heller.

No you're not seeing double it's just your perfect vision kicking in. Happy 2020 new year
Happy new year 2020. May you stay forever young
May the butterflies leave your stomach but keep fluttering on your brain. Happy New Year 2020
Happy New Year 2020
Dear Twenty- first century. You are not a teenager anymore! Now can you please sober up and start acting like an adult?
read a book keep your bow tie straight and live to be hundred
There Will Never Be Another 2020 in Our Lifetime