A Magazine That Sold Selling

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Vendre is a French trade magazine aimed at the advertising (or publicité) profession. EBay recently offered over 60 splendid Deco and postwar covers from the 1920s through the ’50s in auction here. More recent covers can be seen here. (Thanks to Mirko Ilic for the heads-up.)

According to Mister LeRoy’s website:

Vendre was founded by Etienne Damour in the 1920s. The magazine’s chief editor was Roger-Louis Dupuy, who in addition established one of the first advertising agencies in France. Paul Nicolas would later become chief editor and guide the magazine through the 1950s and 60s. During this time period the magazine was mostly text-based. The articles dealt with the creative and technical challenges its readers would of faced. Illustrators and designers include Rene Chag, Ducordeau, M. Legand, Paul Funken, Roger Troubat, Francois Szalay and Henriette Mayo.

.For more on design that sells, see Alex W. White’s Advertising Design and Typography. For more on magazine design, download DJ Stout’s MP3 presentation on the art of magazine design—or watch Arem Dupless’s webinar on .

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