A Pre-Internet Web of Magazines

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Lajos Kassák (1887–1967) was a man of many magazines—well, at least five that he started up in Hungary. A-Tett was an avant garde soapbox for revolutionary art and politics (1915–16). When it was banned for anti-militarism, Kassák founded MA (Today), which lasted from 1916–25 and presented a constructivist ideology—it was unique in opening its pages to emerging Hungarian surrealists. Next, while in exile in Vienna, Kassák enhanced his relation with Dadaism and proletkult through the magazines Akasztott Ember and Ék. In 1927–38 MUNKA (Work), sprung from the left-wing worker activists in Hungary between the wars. His magazines were typical of the period in 20th-century history when avant garde magazines were as plentiful as websites. These covers of three magazines are so simple yet strong “landing pages.”

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