A T (Heart) A in a Teapot?

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As a rule I don’t scan TMZ’s website, but this item about Theodora Richards, Keef’s daughter, caught my eye:

Keith Richards‘ 25-year-old daughter was arrested last night — after the famous fashion model allegedly defaced public property … while in possession of marijuana and a controlled substance … TMZ has learned.

As this is a design blog, I was more interested in the “tagging” charge (i.e. defacing public property) than the alleged possession rap. So I went to a less sensational source for a less tabloid take. Here’s an excerpt from the NY Times City Room blog.

It is not one of their big hits, but the Rolling Stones song “Little T & A” from “Tattoo You,” sung by Keith Richards, seems to have worked its way into one fan’s consciousness.

Now, three decades after the album hit the airwaves, Theodora Richards, the 25-year-old daughter of Mr. Richards, has been arrested on charges of leaving a graffiti tag on a building in Lower Manhattan.

The tag appears that it might be, among other things, a reference to the song Ms. Richards’s father sang: it consists of a T, a symbol for a heart, and an A, according to a law enforcement official.

With my crack crew of investigative Nightly Heller sleuths, we tried finding the offensive tag. The Times reported “The graffiti instrument, a police official said, was a ‘paint marker.'” We then learned CBS New York had the telling image (below) “Graffiti allegedly painted by Theodora Richards (photo/Juliet Papa, 1010 WINS).”