Abducted and Reconstructed

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By: Steven Heller

MTV’s VP for Off-Air Creative, Jim F. deBarros, asked Mirko Ilic to devise a concept to announce a new MTV dramatic series, “Finding Carter.” The show for teens follows Carter Stevens, who lives a perfect life with her single mother, Lori, until an arrest during a party reveals that Carter had been abducted years earlier by Lori. Carter is summarily reunited with her biological family and must cope with her new life (“a second chance”) while vowing to be reunited with Lori.

“Of course my first thought was the milk carton missing child alert,” Ilic explains. “But that wasn’t enough. Then I remembered the idiom ‘spilled milk,’ which Americans use when something goes wrong.”

The carton with its vernacular spillage was seen around Los Angeles on billboards, posters and digital media promoted the July 8 premiere.


Campaign photographed by Rene Cervantes.

Designed by Chris Peck and Lance Rusoff.

Art Directed by Mirko Ilic.

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