Abram Games, Posters And More At R.I.T.

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If you are in the neighborhood of Rochester Institute of Technology, you’re in luck. The first American exhibition of the prominent British graphic designer Abram Games (1914–1996) is on view from Jan 19 to March 9. A lecture by his daughter Naomi Games will be held on Jan 22 at 5pm at the University Gallery sponsored by the Vignelli Center directed by R. Roger Remington and the College of Art and Design. For those who cannot attend, Games is the subject of five books.

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The streamline-modern style of Games work, “refined but vigorous compared to the work of contemporaries, has earned him a place in the pantheon of the best of 20th-century graphic designers.” If you don’t know the name, the images are emblematic of England during and after World War II. In acknowledging his power as a propagandist, he claimed, “I wind the spring and the public, in looking at the poster, will have that spring released in its mind.” His career lasted over six decades and his work is essentially a record of the era’s social history. “Some of Britain’s most memorable images include those by Games. His work is recognized for its ‘striking color, bold graphic ideas, and beautifully integrated typography,’” notes Ms. Games about the fifty posters, in addition to sketches, book covers, stamp designs, and more, that will be on display.

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