Are These Titles Beautiful, Or What?

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It isn’t exactly a Christmas movie, even though it has a great Christmas party scene. But this film contains one of the best title sequences of 1957. Desk Set, one of the first computer vs. man (and woman) films uses computer tropes in a pioneering way.

The plot: A mysterious man hanging about at the research department of a big TV network proves to be engineer Richard Sumner (Spencer Tracy), who’s been ordered to computerize the office. Department head Bunny Watson (Katherine Hepburn) needs no computer to unmask Richard. The resulting battle of wits pits Bunny’s fear of losing her job against her dawning attraction to Richard.

For the title sequence in motion go here. For more titles go here.

Spencer Katharine Tracy Hepburn
Desk set
Gig young Joan Blondell co-starring
Music Cryil J. Mockridge
Produced by Henry Ephron
We geatrfully acknowledge the cooperatopn and assostance of the international business machines corporation
A cinemascope picture
The end