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I love advertising fans (and advertising stamps). In the days before air conditioning, fans were a great way to reach the public with a message and cool down at the same time. Fans today are bland, although still necessary. Edelweiss Beer made good use of these advertising media with delightful illustrations that seemed to defy the traditional beverage conventions.

Edelweiss is brewed by Schoenhofen Brewing Co. in Chicago. In 1861, Peter Schoenhofenwas started the company with Matheus Gottfried; during the early 1860s, they made about 600 barrels of lager beer a year. In 1867, Schoenhofen bought out his partner, and the company became the Peter Schoenhofen Brewing Co. During the 1890s, when the business was owned by the City Contract Co. of London, annual output reached 180,000 barrels. Around 1900, the Schoenhofen family regained control of the company and the “Edelweiss” brand was a big seller, thanks to its quirky design and ad campaigns.

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beer fan 1

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