Books That Didn’t Make the Cut

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In the days before PDFs, we who wanted to sell books to publishers made dummies. Sometimes they were just a few pasted together pages, other times virtually the entire book was dummied up. I would produce one dummy a week. Too many ideas – most of them bad. Although there is no accounting for taste, since some of the bad ones made the cut.

These three were never published. The two below (with illustrated covers by Steven Guarnaccia) were rejected outright. The top (with cover by Henrik Drescher) was printed but never published – the publisher went into bankruptcy as it was on press (it was never bound). Each one, the title speaks for itself.

I offer them as examples of how authors and book producers, like me, don’t always get through the gauntlet unscathed.

The Private Lives of Public Animals
What's Wrong with This Picture

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