Branding the Government – Again

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The American flag, purportedly designed by George Washington and sewn by Betsy Ross, was the government’s first brand. During the Depression-era 1930s the FDR administration launched the United States’ next major brand campaign. The Soviets and Nazis were not, in fact, more skilled than American branders. The short-lived NRA (National Recovery Act) was given a memorable logo (below, bottom), designed by Charles T. Coiner, who also branded the Civil Defense agency. This was the period of alphabets and initials. Among the most ubiquitous, designed by Clarence Hornung, the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), which put many young and older people to work developing and preserving wilderness areas throughout the nation.

Between 1933 and 1934 Hornung also designed logos for other agencies, providing unity, dignity and pride to significant bureaus of government. A logo is not going to instill faith, but it does signify an overall intelligence at work. Here’s an instance where logo equals hope.

(For more on the CCC see tonight’s Nightly Daily Heller.)

Grain Futures Administration
Reconstruction Finance Administration
Federal Coordinator of Transportation
NRA Membership Card

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