Core’s 77 Gifts Under $77

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Anything with the number seven and particularly seventy-seven is a good omen. So I’m happy to feature Core77’s 77 Righteous Gifts Under $77. (Did I mention 77?) This year the Core77ers focused exclusively on the righteous gifts, from great philanthropies and progressive social impact projects, to books, products, and DIY ideas that’ll keep you off the naughty, and land you squarely on the nice.

Allan Chochinov, one of Core’s chief cores, says “do-gooding was never so fun: We’ve got everything from toothbrush subscriptions and STD notification emailers to Star Wars DVD sets (you know…to teach you the difference between good and evil), companies that charge you hourly to haggle with customer service on your behalf (honest!) and dog poop compost bins (double honest!). Did we mention the classic Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots (sometimes even the good guy has to let his fists do the talking) or a birchbark bowtie? Well, there are things in here that touch on all the definitions of righteous.”

My faves include “Get Excited” (above) at $20, Whipped Rings (below, top) at $25, Baby Chicks (below, middle) at $3, and an organ and tissue donation (below, bottom) marked as free and priceless.