Curb Your Enthusiasm

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In this 2016 presidential campaign, humor, wit and satire seem to trump respect in direct proportion to the rhetorical bile spewed by some candidates. While the media insists grassroots anger with Washington is driving the electorate into the arms of political outsiders and populists, it makes sense that this cycle’s campaign comedy is a tad mean-spirited (come on: “small hands”?). And since one presumptive nominee in particular has shown such routine disrespect to so many, it is fitting that a range of nasty comic responses to his character have yet to be curbed.

Donald trump's portrait

Bathroom humor has long been a mainstay of American politics, and the latest in this tradition is a limited-edition poop bag for your dog with a handsome portrait of the Donald by Robert Grossman, produced by Annie Grossman’s Store For The Dogs, a full-service dog training service. Just $8 for two rolls of 15 bags allows you to share your political convictions with man’s best friend. And the biodegradable product will probably do more good for the nation than the presumptive nominee.

Good Housekeeping has yet to give its seal of approval, but good citizenship demands that we all scoop the poop.

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