Designing Design History, The Movie

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To call this a “movie” is a bit of an exaggeration. It is not anything like Gone With the Wind or Helvetica yet neither is it an 8mm home movie. It is a video lecture originally presented at “Graphic Design: History in the Making” at St. Bride Library in London on May 6 (see EYEblog item here). I called it Design History in the Age of Attention Deficit Disorder, but in its current form, as part of the SVA MFA Design “Paul Rand Lecture Series” of podcasts, it is simply titled Designing Design History and can be found here.

What you’ll see and hear is a personal journey from design practitioner to design history buff, from buff to serious chronicler of historical fact and anecdote and all the stops in between. It is, perhaps, a model for how to study history or a cautionary on how not to. Whatever the verdict, I invite you to watch this and others in the history lecture series.