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Graphic Design Worlds is an exhibition opening this month at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Curated by Giorgio Camuffo, the exhibition is devoted to the “multifarious worlds of graphic design” by featuring the work, ideas, and stories of some significant international designers and critics. Covering the event in real time for the duration of the exhibit is “A Diary of an Exhibition” edited by Camuffo, Benedetta Crippa and Maddalena Dalla Mura. It will feature a range of videos, photos and commentary.

Say the organizers:

The truth is that graphics may not be dealt with simply as a collection of posters, logos, fonts and communication products. Rather, it is a complex and integrated world leading to and implementing a strategy, a plan, possibly a theory of aesthetics or even a philosophy of communication.

In other words, it is not limited to managing the “page layout”, by accurately using fonts, sizes, spaces and paces. Rather, it is a communicative conduct immediately leading to social, political and economic implications.

In 2007, thanks to The New Italian Design exhibition, we endeavoured to illustrate the strategic role played by graphics in the research projects and experiments conducted by the latest generation of Italian designers. Then, in 2009, the Spaghetti Grafica exhibition conducted a long-due and exhaustive survey of the Italian graphics in the new millennium by tracing its unexpected creative and communicative approaches.

Now the Graphic Design Worlds exhibition, which will open in January 2011, has the ambitious goal of drawing a balance of the state of the art at international level by discovering and enhancing avant-garde experiences in the modern communication environment. Hence, the Exhibition will open and a blog will be updated every day thanks to the passionate and well-planned contributions of Giorgio Camuffo, in order to illustrate the constant evolution and growth of this project and contribute to the debates on the themes dealt with in the exhibition.

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