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By: Steven Heller | February 26, 2010

Design Italia 2010

For the designophile and Italophile (or even if you’re not a-phile at all, but just have a passion for design, type and Italy), the School of Visual Arts Masters in Venice and Rome program (chaired by Lita Talarico and me) may be right for you. This workshop in design history, theory and practice (May 30 – June 12, 2010) is an intensive two weeks of study that enables students to research and analyze the roots of typography, draw type and letters from the classic models whilepracticing contemporary design with Italian and American designers anddesign historians (see all faculty and guest speakers here). In its second year, this workshop revels in the printing and typography endemic to the most alluring two cities (on the Grand Canal and behind the Pantheon) in the most romantic country in the world. For more information go to the website here. To see photos of last Summer’s program, events and students go here. The deadline for registration is April 1. (Full disclosure: I’ll be there too.)

(Poster by faculty member Louise Fili)