Drawing the Line, Maybe?

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We all know that President Barack Obama is the best thing for souvenir marketing since Elvis was reincarnated. But amid all the visual hoopla for #44, is there a line to be drawn? February’s edition of Esquire shows the familiar Shepard Fairey image of Obama (a cover that is embarrassingly similar to the Fairey-drawn portrait of Obama that appeared on Time magazine’s January cover). Oh well, a good idea is a terrible thing to waste.

However, the Esquire version has something extra. A panel in the middle opens like an Advent calendar to reveal an ad for Discovery Channel and quotations from the Esquire issue’s articles, including, not incidentally, a female derriere. It’s one thing to plaster an advertisement on the President’s face, and another to show the young lady in question. And speaking of questions, maybe it’s time to question how much license the media is taking with the new leader of the Free World. What do you think? Is this crossing the line yet? Or is it a new frontier out there?(BTW, thanks to Sumayya Alsenan for sending in the action figure below.)