Enough Already!!!

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As Donald Trump’s face pops up on the evening news again and again (as though he paid for the time), it occurs to me that we can credibly question whether Trump was actually born.

Let me explain . . .

Despite the birth certificate from The Jamaica Hospital (above), which is typographically questionable, there is speculation that Donald John Trump just might have been “birthed” by a mad product designer, who combined the brain of a narcissist, hair of a baboon, tail of a newt and wit of Idi Amin into a Golem whose only reasons for existence, in addition to shameless self-aggrandizement, is dedicated to being the most annoying thing on the planet— outstripping the ten plagues of Egypt and the Aflac Duck.

The Trump logo that appears on many of his architectural wonders is enough evidence to prove that the so-called birth certificate (above) was produced by the same “designer,” after hours at Kinkos. And the more official one (below) is possibly a forgery, although I can’t swear to it.

(Certificates can be found here.)