Flour Never Looked So Colorful

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Pasta Garofalo is one of the most venerable Italian brands of pasta. Angelini Design in Rome has been working with them since 2001, when they first designed the Garofalo logo and then the entire packaging system. In 2014 they decided to extend their business to the flour market, and Andrea Indini, creative director at Angelini Design, created the design, which I discuss with him here.


How did you decide on this approach?The approach goes back to a style we’ve been developing with the client since 2010, when we launched the Gente del Fud community and then designed the eco-sustainability packaging.

This style comes from a gestual graphic approach based on an handwriting typography. The brief can be summarized in this claim: “not all the flours are the same”—flours which are different for ingredients, taste and thus style. So the main aim is to transmit the values of a product which is genuine, without additives, easy to use, for a premium market.


You had to indicate that each flour is different from the other ones.We decided to build a “talking packaging,” which means that we wanted to show all the specificities and the plus of these flours on the front of every single package: the message “tutto il buono della farina” (all the best of the flours), no additives and the big W that gives the customers the value of the flour’s strength. Each strength a different color.


What pleases you most about the design?First of all the elegance of a black flour packaging, the first one in the flour market (at least in Italy). Then the use of bright colors, which contrast with the black background and catch the eye of the consumers on the shelf. Last, the idea of transmitting all the messages in the front of the packaging with this nice and clear handwriting typography … in other words, when function meets good design.


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