Get A Degree in Your PJs

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Have you seen those commercials on cable promoting online distance learning featuring a pert pajama clad model who says “I love learning new things in my pajamas”? If not, here you go. “In fact,” she adds, “people learning online earn $1,000,000 more*during their lifetime.”

Dress codes have long been part of educational traditions. Yet having had to wear uniforms for a significant portion of my secondary education, I am an opponent of codes, including the pajama dress code. While I have no objection to wearing PJ bottoms to some classes, like Introduction to Philosophy or Social Anthropology, I cannot abide by this flagrant disregard of sartorial propriety. Nonetheless, $1,000,000 is a pretty good incentive. In the final analysis, PJs are a terrible thing to waste.

Question: Are these PJs? Or mismatched shorts and top?

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