Glaser is Drawing

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Drawing is thinking cover

When Milton Glaser draws he thinks. This is the concept behind his elegant new book Milton Glaser: Drawing is Thinking, his most personal book to date. It is a symphony of drawing themes and styles juxtaposed in unique pairings to impart the emotional aspirations of Glaser’s art rather than the client-driven function of his illustration. From representation to abstraction, from portraits to still lifes, this is a book about the joy of creating images on paper, free from the strictures of the marketplace.

“In Drawing is Thinking,” says the publisher, “the drawings depicted are meant to be experienced sequentially, so that the reader or viewer not only follows Glaser through these pages, but comes to inhabit his mind. The drawings represent. . . the author’s commitment to the fundamental ideathat drawing is not simply a way to represent reality, but, as the title suggests, a way to understand and experience the world.”