Happy Birthday Ringo Starr

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Blimey, it’s Ringo Starr’s birthday! And, dare I say, mine too.

So, it is auspicious that The Daily Heller launches today as an email blast.

The Daily Heller began almost a year and a half ago as a repository for my musings and abusings about design and related worlds. It evolved into a digest of all things–great or otherwise–that were worth noting, from new books to old movies and everything in between that piqued my interest. In this new, more readable format, I’ll continue to offer my brief, daily observations (except Saturday and Sunday) on whatever strikes a chord. Thank you, Joyce Rutter Kaye, editor of PRINT, for making this happen; and Kristina DiMatteo for her splendid art direction.

For the first post of the new regime, I offer a thumbs up to the Mad Men Season One DVD.

I only watched one episode when it aired, which I did not like, but bought the DVD set after:
1: reading the story in the New York Times Magazine and …
2: seeing the clever package design.

Clever indeed: The box is in the shape of (and opens exactly like) a Zippo lighter. Since smoke and smoking are key elements of the series, creating a package based on the Zippo (for a show partly sponsored by Zippo) was an inspired decision.

The series is better than I had thought, too. And for those who haven’t seen it, that title sequence is a gem.

Also see Michael Bierut’s Pitch Perfect assessment of Mad Men.