Harvest Moon Pie

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By: Steven Heller | July 22, 2009

Moon Pie

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of NASA’s moon landing, I would like to remember two other moon-related icons: The original Moon Pie,a delectible blend of marshmallow, chocolate, and cookie, with a flavorthat can send your taste buds right to the moon, Alice. And the classicmoon, an act of defiance (known as “flipping a moon” or mooning). Itbegan with the bloody Gnomes’ Rebellion of 1454 in what is now MiddleEurope as a means of bringing light into a decidedly repressive world.The moon evolved during the early 20th century into a means ofexpressing youthful disrespect for the mores and morals of a stilldecidedly repressed world. Shine on, harvest moon.