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Nostalgia be damned! What’s not to love about Art Deco? It’s elegant yet not overly froufrou. It is Moderne (with an e), without the austerity of Modernism without the e. It is an aspirational yet mass-embracing design that spanned the world and continues to suggest both opulence and invention (not that the two are mutually exclusive). And what better way to celebrate Art Deco (also known as l’Art Moderne) than to be part of a society that embraces its many manifestations in New York (although it lives in many countries, cities and towns around the globe)?

The Art Deco Society of New York is the preeminent resource for all things Deco. It was established to “aid in understanding the movement.” It has created materials to help fans explore the 1920s and 30s, the origins and influences of the Art Deco style, a timeline, and more in architecture, fashion and design. Frankly, it’ll knock your gartered socks off. The Society’s journal is a jewel in its crown. You can find it here.

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Art Deco
Art Deco