Honesty Is the Best Policy

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factoria de santos. brooklyn new york

Introducing the art of Honesty, an exhibition of work celebrating this fleeting virtue. The core of this exhibit is based on Luisa Gloria’s “San Honesto,” a fictional saint sanctified to fight against the universalcorruption that fundamentally frames life in modern-day Mexico.

San Honesto, who was launched three years ago as Gloria’s School of Visual Arts MFA Design thesis, is the patron saint against corruption, protector againstbribes, and defender of truthfulness. His mirror face reflectsthe image of the person praying to him. Citizens of the world can giveSan Honesto as a gift to corrupt individuals to awaken a change inconsciousness and improve their behavior. San Honesto is sponsored by Factoría de Santos, which believes that “a better world starts within ourselves. We must takeresponsibility of our actions, and not wait for change in others.”

Honesty’s artists include Tomas Tisch, Vena2,Ciler, Bang Buro, Dr. Morbito, Monica Ruzansky, Gabriela Alva Cal yMayor, Tom Smith, and Luisa Gloria Mota-Velasco. They write: “To create a new yet authentically Mexican visual culture focused onhonesty all artists applied the spirit of the mirror faced saint totheir respective mediums, resulting in a fascinating range of 2D and 3Dwork reaching for a more pure sense of self.”

Honesty opens atEyelevel BQE at 364 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, on Friday December 11, from 6 to 9 p.m., and is on view through January 10.