Honey, I Shrunk the Sushi!

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You wouldn’t ask why a grownup would grow Bonsai trees or place boats in bottles, would you? Well then, why question why a grownup, like me, would collect miniature (itsy-bitsy) food?

Well one answer is that miniatures have a certain sublime exquisiosity. And another is that the Japanese, famous for making the world’s best fake food, have mastered the art of plastic miniaturization of everything from modern tables and chairs (see photos) to kitchenware to sushi sets to chopsticks.

Various toy companies are responsible, but my favorite is Re-Ment, producer of the Puchi Petite Collections, which comes with the warning “This is not food!”

I am indeed a satisfied customer – perhaps even an addict. I simply can’t get enough (see illustrations below).

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Sushi Menu
Sushi Menu
Minature Sushi Menu


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