In Praise of Tolerance

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From the Sparrow Media Projectcomes this symbol of tolerance. And to fight xenophobia and and promotegood will, 50% of the profits from this shirt will benefit victims ofhate crimes.

The Sparrow Media Project identifies and promotes projects by peoplewho are experimenting with possibilities for social change, “througharts, activism, education, subversion, and song,” says Andy Stepanian,director. “We aim to educate others as to the beauty that is all aroundus, to the beautiful fire that sits inside all of us and to getinvolved and stay involved with whatever sparks that fire inside ofyou.”

Sparrow’s mission today is to help people understand that The Park51 Islamic Interfaith Center in Manhattan, slated to be built 5 blocksnorth of the former World Trade Center site, is not an exclusivelyMuslim space. And yet “a violent anti-muslim narrative in response tothe Park 51 proposal has stoked flames of hatred.”

The ensuing sloganeering, says Sparrow:

“needs to be countered with equally simplistic andstrong speech stating that we, as New Yorkers and Americans embrace thereligious freedoms of all groups no matter how large or small theirconstituency is.”

You can order the shirt and learn more here.