ISIS’ Award-Winning Magazine Design

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Note: This post contains graphic content.

The Islamic State has not yet entered its English language magazine Dabiq, a glossy propaganda magazine aimed at recruiting jihadists from the West, into any design competitions, but if it did it would give Soldier of Fortune and other such niche mags a run for their money. As reported on The Clarion Project‘s website, the Syria-based magazine that is named after a mythological Muslim prophet, “portrays the Islamic State as they see themselves”: victorious in the restoration of the Islamic golden age through a new caliphate. And yes they show some hard-to-stomach photos of their inhumanity.

Throughout history magazines representing rebellion on all sides (from Neo Nazis to the New Left) have been used to spread their gospels. So it should come as no surprise that ISIS has their own. But the level of graphic sophistication exceeds expectation. Here are some by way of The Clarion Project. All pages from the existing issues can be found here too.

Dabiq Cover
Dabiq ISIS magazine
Dabiq ISIS magazine