Look, It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superfocus!!!

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A company called TruFocals asked George Lois to create an advertising campaign that would introduce its “revolutionary” new product – adjustable eye glasses – to the U.S. market. The wearer of these glasses can actually manually focus the glasses to give a clearer, undistorted vision whether reading, computing, or looking long-distance.

Almost 80, Lois hasn’t lost his touch. He did more than a mere campaign, he re-branded the company as SUPERFOCUS and produced commercials featuring celebrities (dancer Judith Jamison, actor Joel Grey and architect Richard Meier) cheerleading for the product.

Producer and commentator Andrea Chalupa recently directed a video capturing the Lois experience making the commercial. See his storied bravado here.

“If there is a god, he’s a word god,” Lois exclaims, after learning one of the inventors of the glasses is named Dr. Super.

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