Making Sheets From Design Mistakes

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Laurie Rosenwald has been giving a workshop since 1995 called “How to Make Mistakes on Purpose.” This year she offered it to ArtCenter in LA, the Iceland Academy of Art and elsewhere. It is usually 12 hours over 2 or even 3 days, but it can also happen in 2 to 3 hours. It is not specifically for designers and no special skills are required.

Recently IKEA Beckmans Collection started offering products generated from Rosenwald’s Stockholm workshop. And they are delightful. See them here, here, here and here. I asked her to comment on whether this entrepreneurial effort was a mistake.

How did this series come about?I have been teaching my “How to Make Mistakes on Purpose” workshop nearly every year at Beckmans Skola in Stockholm since 1995 or so.

What do mistakes mean to you?Never having to face a blank piece of paper again, ever. There’s always a something on it already. I am not alone.

These sheets and pillow cases sure don’t look like mistakes. Are you pulling our legs?You start with a mistake, a blob, anything. and go from there.

Does this mean your getting more into textiles and fabrics?No. it means finally somebody (IKEA) noticed this is a brilliant idea.

How does it feel sleeping on your own work?It’s student work! not mine. I just created the workshop for it to happen in.

[Images Above and Below are being sold through IKEA. Below bottom is a “random workshop image.” All images courtesy Laurie Rosenwald.]


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