Making Type the New Fashioned Way

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Not too long ago, a designer asked me if there were a class that would teach her how to turn custom letters into a perfect typeface. Well, this summer, Sara Soskolne, a senior designer at Hoefler-Frere Jones (H&FJ) will teach an exciting, week-long workshop, “Turning Letters into Type,” at the School of Visual Arts from July 12 to 16.

Soskolne (Sos-kol-nee) will introduce the tools and principles of digital typeface design through one-on-one, no-holds-barred engagement with an individual project of each student’s own choosing. “Be it systematizing your own lettering, imagining a complete alphabet from a found fragment,” she says, “articulating that ideal set of forms in your mind, or reviving a non-digital typeface you love,” letters will come alive as type. The workshop will further foster a more critical eye for letterforms, a deeper understanding of how they work, and a whole new set of creative skills that can only make you a better designer. PREREQUISITE: Experience with bezier drawing, lettering or typography. Register here or here (and scroll to bottom).

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