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Movies about design and designers are becoming as common as Judd Apatow films, albeit slightly less amusing. Among the latest, Max Bill, the outspoken (think: feud with Jan Tschichold) Bauhaus student turned designer, sculptor, and painter, is the star of a feature, Max Bill: The Master’s Vision, directed by Erich Schmid. It is a truly illuminating biomentary.

Bill (1908-1994) came from the blue-collar town of Winterthurnear Zürich. During his lifetime he was a rebel. “His name stands for a whole avant-garde life-work, whichis firmly focused on the future, which bears a social responsibilityand which intrinsically contains an engaged political message,” says the website. “Whatmattered for Max Bill was the creation of our environment and a greenconsciousness, which is currently of incredible imminence.” This film brings his concerns and accomplishments to life.


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