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Thirty-nine issues of the modern graphics artifact Design & Paper were published by Marquardt and Co. from around 1935–1950 (the issues are not dated). Each stapled, stitched or thread-bound issue was a small brochure that showed the work of leading, mostly American, practitioners. There were two by Ladislav Sutnar (No. 13 “Controlled Visual Flow,” and No. 19 “Shape, Line and Color”) as well as an issue devoted to Saul Steinberg. In addition to these monographs, others focused on themes like George Loewy’s industrial design, Edward Bernays’ (the “inventor” of public relations) philosophy, and the Art Directors Club history. Also special features showcased design and typography by Alexey Brodovitch, Erik Nitsche and McKnight Kauffer. The designers and illustrators either simply focused on their work or, as Sutnar did, made a statement about design. Each booklet was custom designed with essays by experts. Together they comprise a history of American Modernism that is invaluable to both scholar and practitioner today.


No. 21, devoted to Raymond Loewy Associates.


No. 26: The work of New York Times advertising director George Krikorian.


No. 18, on the book design of Paul McPharlin.


No. 31, on the package designs of Charles C. S. Dean.


No. 31, on the package designs of Charles C. S. Dean.


No. 15: The calligraphy and scripts of William Metzig.


No. 15: The calligraphy and scripts of William Metzig.


No. 15: The calligraphy and scripts of William Metzig.


No. 34: The “Imagician” Erik Nitsche.


No. 35: Cartoon and typographic visions by Robert M. Jones.


No. 32: Photographs by Clarence John Laughlin from New Orleans.


No. 22: Work by the Mutual Broadcasting Company’s Robert A. Schmid, VP for advertising and research.


No. 29: Posters by Edward McKnight Kauffer.


No. 23: An essay designed by George Kirkorian.


No. 28: Introducing Gene Moore, display director of Bonwit Teller, New York’s swank department store.


No. 25, devoted to 25 years of the New York Art Directors Club, designed by Arnold Roston.


No. 19: Ladislav Sutnar’s “Shape, Line and Color.”

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