More From Otto Hermann Werner Hadank

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I can never see enough work by one of Paul Rand’s favorite German designers, Otto Hermann Werner Hadank. I wrote about his trademarks on The Daily Heller here, at Baseline here, and on Design Observer here. O.H.W Hadank was a flawlessly meticulous designer who bridged classical and modern sensibilities. He had grace and bearing, a stern look (above) and an attention to detail that rivaled anyone else in his circle. He was also more than a graphic designer. Der Herr Professor designed an automobile and packages too. His tins, bottles and boxes were handled with the care of a craftsman.

The original photographs here, taken from the late Noel Martin’s collection, were produced for a proposed magazine article. They show in black and white how curiously colorful were Herr Hadank’s conceptual and typographical skills.