Nancy, We Hardly Knew Ya

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Siglio Press is an independent outfit in LA that, notes the publisher Lisa N. Pearson, “publishes at the intersection of art and literature.” Included on their list are books by artists like Nancy Spero, Denis Wood, Robert Seydel and Joe Brainard.

It is the latter that interests me most. From 1963 to 1978 Brainard, an avid collagist, created work based on the plump little comic strip vixen, Nancy. As Pearson notes, he “sent [Nancy] into an astonishing variety of spaces, all electrified by the incongruity of her presence.” The Nancy Book is the collection of this obsession in pictures. But the earlier card series “What If” (Sigilo, 2008) projecting Nancy in absurd contexts, will make a Sluggo out of anyone. Here are some what ifs . . .