New Covers for Old Books

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The book: Animal farm

Sometimes surfing the net results in pleasant surprises. Today’s is a collection of book covers by Mikey Burton that are among the most eye-catching I’ve seen in a long time. Given that books like Animal Farm and To Kill a Mockingbird have already been designed by some of the greats, these are fresh and inspiring.

About his project, Burton told me: “The whole reasoning behind my project was simply to get young adults interested in reading. By pairing this edgy illustrative style (strongly influenced by rock/movie poster art) with books questioning authority, it’s supposed to make reading (for lack of a better word) cool. Also, by making a cohesive set, young adults will keep reading these classic titles, and hopefully feel like they are part of a bigger group. Harry Potter readers shouldn’t be the only ones having fun.”

The Book: Outsiders
The book: Tokilla Mocking Bird