Noodling With Blue Q

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Mitch Nash, proprietor of Blue Q industries, is now in the Ramen Noodle Soup business. Such gourmet treats as “Hello Lazy” chicken flavored, “Din Din Fuk Chow” shrimp flavored, “Wasted and Broke” whole cow flavored and “Soup for Sluts” spicy vegetable, are so fresh they “almost cook themselves.”

I asked Nash to tell me more about his culinary pleasures:

Mitch, after gum, cosmetics, stickers, shopper totes and more, why ramen noodles?

Iconic, ready to be ironic… (we had to commit to an insane number of bags to get into it, hope it works. If not everyone will think we are fun– so still a win)

What do they taste like? Have you tried them all?

We went and visited the factory in China. Factory is a colossus ….owned by brothers. Spotless facility. This is an identical recipe to one they supply to supermarkets in Europe and other markets. The noodles are quite excellent. Obviously the seasonings are loaded with MSG & salt. Yay!

Is there more instant food on the horizon?

Who knows. Maybe some franks and beans, man!