Seeing Is Believing (Sometimes)

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German artist Edgar Mueller may have a slightly ham-handed interface for his website, but his “3D pavement art” is incredible. This 41-year-old’s tromp l’oeil gives street art a whole new meaning.

Meuller uses the pavement as his canvas, and if the passerby looks at his work from the proper vantage point, the street painting becomes a wondrous optical illusion. He paints over a large swaths of roadway and creates underground worlds, transforming the entire environment into Ice Age, volcanic, or waterfall scenes.

Take a look at some of this unprecedented work on his site, then watch this time-lapse video (also above) showing how he (with his loyal team of helpers) made “The Crevasse” out of a highway in Germany despite a potentially ruinous rainstorm. See more of Mueller’s transformative effects below.

It seems that street art is having a renaissance. Do you know of any extraordinary examples? Include links in the comment section.