Orange You Sad . . .

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new Tropicana orange juice package

Orange you sad that the new Tropicana orange juice package looks the way it does? What could Arnell, the agency that did the deed, have been thinking? It’s one thing to change the logo; it’s another to abandon the mnemonic orange with the straw in it. As package imagery goes, it was pretty smart, and decidedly memorable.

Consumers are mixed (see here) but I, for one, believe that making this brand so bland (and you have to admit it’s bland, don’t you?) is a big tactical mistake, even though I do like the new cap (above). A company exec wrote to Stuart Elliot at The New York Times: “We’re pleased people feel so passionately about our brand, and we’re listening to their feedback. While the packaging has changed, the product inside is still the same high-quality orange juice consumers know, love and trust.”

Maybe so, but give me a sun-soaked orange over a Crate and Barrel juice glass anytime. What do you think?