Polaroid’s Back and Lady Gaga’s Going Gaga

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The Made in Polariod Art Exhibit: 50 Artists, 50 GL10 Printers, 50 Works of Art is “an art exhibit like no other,” says Polaroid. 50 artists were given GL10 Instant Mobile Printers and “the freedom to creat whatever came to mind.” And they are on view in the Polaroid online gallery here.

The Made in Polaroid 50 | 50 | 50 Art Exhibition & Benefit Auction, is a group art show where 50+ select artists have come together to illuminate the creative possibilities when the same challenge-create art with a single device-is undertaken by range of artists from a variety of creative backgrounds. With no other limits. From single images, to multi-printed mosaics, to photographic sculptures, and hacked printers “performing” live, the project is as much about the creative process and a new era of creative spirit as much as it is about any resulting image or piece of art.

Among the makers are James Franco, Gary Taxali, Rob Pruitt, Dabs Myla, Anita Kunz, Kinsey, Hilary Pecis and more. In fact, see and read more here and here. We were told Lady Gaga is the curator.

Polaroid Art Exhibit

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