Recalling Rarities

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Design and Style, a collaboration between Seymour Chwast (Pushpin), me (Steven Heller) and Mohawk Paper, was a twice yearly paper promotion that introduced the art and design of historical styles, and helped trigger, along with Philip Meggs’ A History of Graphic Design textbook, the graphic design history “movement.” A very limited run was printed, owing to the huge expense in producing dozens of paper and printing special effects – diecuts, short sheets, gatefolds, tip-ins, debossings, pop-ups and more. Seven issues were produced on Jugendstil, Streamline, French Deco, Futurism, Surrealism, Bauhaus and DeStijl, each with an interpretative cover by Chwast. An eighth issue was edited, written and designed on Japanese Pop (the missing dummy for which went missing) but never printed. Design and Style became the basis for our book Graphic Style (now in its third edition).

Here are some of the covers and a few interiors. Copies are rare but some are available from time to time for sale at Modernism 101. And here is a complete set.

Design & Style Cover 2
Design & Style Cover 3 Paris Deco
Design & Style Futurism
Design & Style Cover 5 DeStijl
Design & Style Cover 6 Surrealism
Design & Style Cover 7 Bauhaus
Design & Style Bauhaus