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There are several trillion selfies now in circulation. While apologies to future generations won’t help, learning what our selfies mean for posterity might have some social or cultural benefit. The folks at Pictoplasma ask: What do they “really say about our identities?”

Pictoplasma’s Lars Denicke proposes a challenge to young, emerging artists between 18 and 24: “to truly express their personality with a self-portrait that lets their real character shine.”

Bryndon Diaz

“Start with a regular photo, like a headshot, passport or profile picture, of yourself facing the camera,” he says. “Next, create your character by overlaying it with an artistic rendition of your identity. How you alter the original image (and which tools or media you use) is absolutely up to you: it could be drawing, collage or digital painting, vector illustration, 3D graphics, masks, costume design or a mixture of them all …”

Fabio Tonetto

From the pool of entries five selected winners will be awarded a full Pictoplasma Character Design fellowship. Supported by Project 1324, the fellowship covers fees and travel costs to attend the Pictoplasma Academy Mexico City in October, six months of ongoing, personal online mentorship, and a ticket and travel costs to attend the Pictoplasma Berlin Conference in May 2018—including the opportunity to exhibit in a group show. Deadline for submission: Aug. 15.

Fifi Lachimia

Matt Sharp

Shenja Tatschke

Ton Mak

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