Seymour on Seymour

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Seymour Chwast’s new book of art and illustration, appropriately titled Seymour: the Obsessive Images of Seymour Chwast, is also now a talk (with yours truly as the interlocutor) Tuesday, June 16 (starting at 6:30) at the SVA Theater at 333 West 23rd Street in New York, sponsored by AIGA/NY. Mr. Chwast (as he’s known to his friends) will discuss the whys and wherefores of his distinctive imagery created on tin and paper, rendered in brush, pen, rag, and gouge. He will discuss matters of high and low culture, reflect on past and present (maybe future too), and (if in the mood) will demonstrate one of the many things that makes him the best Seymour of them all. Books will be on sale, too. And with a little luck, he’ll draw a picture with at least one of the aforementioned tools. Seymour, co-founder of Push Pin Studios, was responsible for putting the ll in illustration, and the sign in design.