Seymour Says, “Get Dressed!”

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Seymour Chwast’s latest children’s book (for all of us), Get Dressed (Abrams) are words and pictures to live by. And if you are much too busy getting dressed, Mr. Chwast is pleased to read those words to you on this video. And you can learn about his process of creating the book here.

Nonetheless, I also asked him to expand on his latest creation.

What inspired you to write Get Dressed?I wondered when men in the movies changed from wearing pajamas to just wearing underwear to bed.

Do you remember how hard it was to get up and get dressed in the morning?Life got harder when I had to get dressed to walk the dog before getting undressed to shower.

Is there a trick to getting dressed that we don’t know about?The trick I discovered for getting dressed was to put my undergarments on first.

Is it better to get dressed in the dark or daylight?I like getting dressed in the dark so I can imagine a better body.

Do you have a sequel to Get Dressed in the dresser?My next book will have another unusual format, unsuitable for an ebook.