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What more fitting organization to jump head first into iPad publishing than the one that has championed periodical design for dozens of years. Josh Klenert of the Society of Publication Designers just announced “We officially uploaded SPD 45 to the App Store.”

SPD 45: The Design Annual For iPad is the first of its kind: the hardcover design annual re-invented for the iPad. Klenert, who designed the APP, adds:

This utility is a enhanced companion to our 45th annual hardcover annual featuring the best in editorial design, photography and illustration in print and digital. Selected by a jury of more than 40 exemplary visual journalists, the award winning work showcased in SPD 45 received merit awards for achievement, Silver awards for distinctive achievement, or Gold awards for Excellence. Also included in the app are the Magazine of the Year winner and finalists, the winners of the 2009 SPOTS illustration competition, and the winners of the SPD Student Design and Photo Competition.

This is the “director’s cut” of the SPD Annual: featuring more work, expanded examples from the winners, and the essential resource for connecting great work to the creatives responsible—all searchable by credits and tags. You can also filter all the work by Gold medal, Silver medal and Merit.

Features include:Search for work based on credits and tags.Filter work by Gold medal, Silver medal, and Merit.View work full screen, tap for full credits.Press-and-hold thumbnails for quick credit view.Tap credits or tags to trigger search results of similar work.

The App is can be accessed here.

SPD 45 was designed by Josh Klenert and developed by Balance Software.

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